Appetizers for Two

106        Guacamole

Fresh Avocado, Chile Serrano, Onion, Coriander, and served with Mexican Salsa and Chips


126     Shrimp Quesadillas

Gouda Cheese with grilled Shrimp, served with Mexican Salsa and Guacamole

126     Beef

126     Grilled Chicken

116     Rajas and Mushrooms (Vegetarian)

116        Queso Fundido (Cheese Fondu)

Asadero Cheese with: Chorizo, or Rajas, or Grilled Poblano Chili, or Mushrooms, served with Flour Tortillas and Homemade Salsa


106       Nachos

Chips with Beans, Cheese and Guacamole

126     With Chicken

126     With Grilled Beef

146     Shrimp Tostadas (3)

146    Calamari

146     Oscar’s Ceviche

Shrimp, Scallop, and Fish marinated in Coriander and Ginger, Spring Onion, Manzano Chili, and Avocado

166     Shrimp Tacos (3)

Adobado al Pastor with Roasted Pineapple, Cabbage, and Chipotle X’nipec of Habanero Dressing


156     Fish Tacos Baja Style (3)

166     Shrimp Tacos Baja Style (3)

Dark Beer Battered Fish or Shrimp, with Creamy Aioli, Cucumber Salad, and Coriander

146     Avocado stuffed with Shrimp

186     Mazatlan Aguachile

Shrimp marinated with Lemon, Serrano Chili, Coriander, Cucumber and Coarse Salt

166     Governor Tacos (3)

Shrimp with Gouda Cheese, Marinated Peppers and a homemade Mulato Chili Sauce


166     Surf and Turf Tacos (3)

Flank Steak and Shrimp au Gratin, with marinated Peppers, Onions, and Jalapeños


106        Classic Caesar Salad

Hearts of Romaine Lettuce, Caesar Dressing with a hint of Mexican Vanilla, Fresh Anchovies, Rustic Bread and Parmesan Cheese

106        Oscar’s Salad

Assorted Mixed Greens, Crispy Fresh Citrus, Walnuts and Almonds, Crusted Village Cheese, with a Tamarind, Red Wine and Chili Reduction Vinagrette


106        Smoked Tortilla Soup

Flavored with a touch of Mesquite Smoked Chile Ancho, topped with a Julienne of Corn Tortilla, Artisanal Cheese, Fresh Avocado, and Crème Fraiche Quenelle

106       Cream of Asparagus

Cream of Fresh Asparagus infused with a Habanero Olive Oil, and garnished Fresh Asparagus slices, and Crispy Serrano Ham

Hamburgers & Sandwiches

176     Angus Beef Burger

Grilled Angus Beef Burger served on Brioche, with Muenster Cheese, Marinated Portobellini, Caramelized Onions, Bacon, and a Dijon Mustard Dressing


176     Salmon Sandwich

Salmon Steak marinated in Agave Honey and Sesame, grilled and served on Focaccia with Mixed Lettuces, Pickles and a Parsley Dressing

176     Tuna Sandwich

Yellow Fin Tuna Steak marinated with Unagi Dressing, grilled and served on  Ciabatta with Alfalfa Sprouts, and Homemade Pickles


166     Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Breast marinated with fine Herbs, grilled and served on our House Bread with Peach Chutney, Arbol Chili, Caramelized Onions, and Alfalfa Sprouts

156     Vegetarian Sandwich

Mixed Peppers, Onions and Eggplant roasted in Olive Oil, served on Multigrain Bread with Alfalfa Sprouts, Cherry Tomatoes, and Endive, with a Basil and Garlic Dressing

Our Hamburgers and Sandwiches are served with French Fries and a House Salad

Vegetarian Specialties

166     Vegetable Crepes (3)

Squash Blossom, Corn, Peppers and Goat Cheese, dipped in Smoked Poblano Chili Sauce and Gouda Cheese

166    Papparedelle O’s

Fresh Homemade Pasta in Pomodoro Sauce with Parmesan Cheese, Green and Black Olives, Anchovies, Capers and Arbol Chili

Mexican Specialties

176     Chicken Enchiladas (3)

Corn Tortillas with Tomatillo Salsa (Green) or Tomato Sauce (Red), Chihuahua Cheese Gratin, and served with Red Rice and Guacamole


216     Classic Mixed Fajitas

Grilled Beef, Chicken or Shrimp, Onion, Mixed Peppers, Dipped in Tomato Sauce, served with Beans, Guacamole, Grilled Chili and Flour Tortillas

176     Mixed Burritos

Grilled Beef or Chicken Breast or Shrimp, Onion Mixed Peppers, wrapped in Flour Tortilla with Gouda Cheese, Cilantro and Chipotle Dressing; served with Homemade Salsa and Guacamole


226     Mexican Fiesta Special

Grilled Steak, Panela Cheese Chile Relleno, Quesadillas, Fried Chicken Taco, served with Refried Beans, Guacamole and Mexican Salsa

Specialties of the House

256     Stuffed Chicken Breast

Breaded and stuffed with Spinach, Cheese and Mushrooms, in a Chipotle Sauce, on Linguini al Pesto


296     Roasted Filet Migñon

In a Glazed Wild Mushroom Sauce, with Potato and Apple Gratin, served with grilled Asparagus

266     Fish of the Day

Basil and Parmesan Crusted filet of Mahi Mahi baked with White Wine-Mussel Butter, served with Creamy Risotto


316     Jumbo Shrimp

Shrimp cooked per your choice, served with Creamy Risotto, grilled Asparagus and Vegetables in Butter

656     Roasted Lobster (1 Kilo)

With Garlic or Fine Herbs, served with Roasted Vegetables, Mashed Potatoes, with Truffle Essence, and Organic Lettuces

1496   Oscar’s Surf and Turf Special for Two

Choice of Soup or Salad, a Pacific Lobster Tail cooked to taste:  Garlic-Lemon Butter, Herbed Butter, Truffle Oil or Thermador; with grilled Tenderloin Beef Medallions, Baked Potato and Roasted Vegetables

All prices are in Mexican Pesos!  For current real-time conversion rates please check here.